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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we're frequently asked:

If you still have a query, please email or phone a Committee Member


What does the cost of membership include?
Cost includes all court fees, use of balls and floodlights. Once you have joined there are no further costs for using the courts unless you want to take part in our fun coaching. Discounts are offered to members for coaching.

What age can I join the Club?

You can join our Club generally from around 4 years of age.  We do Junior, Youth and Students rates which cover up to aged 21 and beyond that Senior membership.


What is the annual membership I need to pay?
This varies depending on age (for Juniors) or whether Adult or Senior. Please see Membership for details.

Is there a joining fee, in addition to my annual membership for the Club?
There is currently no Joining Fee, just the Annual Membership Fee to pay.  This offer could be withdrawn at any time.

My child wants to join the Club but I'm not joining yet.  Is that allowed?
Yes, we welcome all Juniors and you can come along and support your Junior member at coaching, team practice, matches and tournaments. Unfortunately it does mean you don't get to play at club times or at club events, or take part in any tournaments that run throughout the year. Our ideal would be to have you on-board you too - for our reasonable Annual Membership fees see Membership.

What time of year can I join?
You can join us any time of the year. The Spring/Summer tennis season starts in April however, as long as the courts remain playable e.g. not too much snow or ice, you can play/keep fit all year round.

Is membership reduced if I join during the membership year and not at the start?
No, sorry about that, but our Annual Membership fees for new or renewing members are very reasonable.

If I leave during the membership year do I get a refund?
No, sorry about that. Why not stay and enjoy the whole year with us.

How can I pay my fees e.g. who to, methods, when, etc.?
Fees are payable by cheque or bank transfer.  Details for this are on the new Membership/Membership renewal forms with full amount payable on application/renewal.  Return the form to Secretary/Treasurer whose name and address details are on the forms.

As a member how can I access the ballot for Wimbledon tickets?
We ask all members to register as a British Tennis Member with the LTA. This is very simple to do online here. Once you have registered you can then opt in to the Wimbledon Ballot for tickets. The more members of QTC who have registered as BTMs, the more tickets the club will receive to put into a ballot for the registered members.  


When is membership renewal due?
This is due mid April. A reminder letter will be  issued to all existing members in March, including a list of membership renewal fees for existing members and a form to be completed and returned to Secretary/Treasurer by the deadline date. 

 What will my membership fee be?
Membership renewal fees will be detailed on the form sent out by the Committee in March each year. Details, for fees requested this current year, can be found listed on Membership.

Does the Club have Coaching?
Yes, the Club has a full comprehensive Coaching programme, provided by our qualified coaching team. See Coaching. Discounts are available to members.

Does the Club have Coaching camps for Juniors during the school holidays?
Yes, our qualified Coaching team currently provide camps in the Easter and Summer holidays.  Non-members are also welcome to these however this will be at non-discounted price.  Why not join? See Membership for our very reasonable Junior Membership fees.

Can members and non-members enjoy the coaching sessions?
Members and non-members can enjoy our coaching sessions from our qualified coaches.  Members receive these at a discounted rate; non-members at the full rate. Payment for these is directly to your coach. If you’re a non-member why not consider joining so you can have free access to the courts to practice what you've learned. Why not join? See Membership for our very reasonable membership fees.

Does the club hold social events?
Yes the club will run various social events throughout the year including quiz nights, BBQs and family open days.

Will the club enter teams into the East of Scotland Adult leagues?
Yes we plan to enter teams into the leagues as long as there are adults looking to play. The teams will only be open to members.

Will the club run friendly club tournaments?
Yes we plan to run both junior and senior tournaments during the year.

Who can I ask if I have a question about any of the tournaments or social events?
You can contact any of the Committee.


I'd like to get involved in the Committee, can I?
There are various positions on the Committee which, as a Club, we're required to fill to comply with our Constitution.  In addition there are a number of additional Committee Members.   We're always on the look out for additional helpers so if you feel you would like to become an additional Committee member, please speak to any of the Committee about what this involves.  



I'm a member and would like to bring a visitor - what are the rules?
Members can bring along a visitor 6 times a year.  This can be once a month, or several days bunched together e.g. school holidays or where a friend or member or your extended family is visiting you for a few days.  Cost is per day: Seniors/Intermediates/Students £3; and Juniors £1


Are tennis balls provided or do I bring my own?

All tennis balls are provided by the Club as part of your membership.  It would be great if you could put them back where you get them from and bring any outside strays back in with you.

Are the tennis balls at the Club refreshed?
Yes. This will be done on a regular basis for both adult and juniors.

Are new balls supplied for Club and League tournaments?
The Club supplies new tubes of balls for each tournament run and for each of Teams league home matches. 

Queensferry Sports and Community Hub

I'm a member, how do I get access to the Hub?
The hub is open daily between 9am and 9pm weekdays and 10am til 5pm on weekends.

What facilities can I use at the Hub?
Members have access to changing facilities, the bar and the café.

Is the Hub wheelchair/easy access enabled?
Yes it is. 

What is the Hubs address?
30 Ashburnham Raod, South Queensferry, EH30 9JN. Tel 0131 629 8115.

I'm a member and I'd like to use the Hubs space. Who do I contact?
Please contact the reception o 0131 629 8115. 


How many courts are there?
There are three brand new full-size courts. 

What surface do the courts have?
Three newly-resurfaced all-weather macadam courts.

Do the courts have floodlights?
Yes, all three have new floodlights to LTA standard.

How do I book a court as a member?
If you wish to book a court outwith allocated club times please contact Clubspark to book. There are plenty allocated times for members.

Can I book a court as a non-member?
Yes non-members can book courts  via Clubspark when the courts are not being used for the members of the club. The cost of hiring a court for non members is £10 for adults and £5 for juniors for 1 hour. This includes use of balls and floodlights if required.

Are the Courts wheelchair/easy access enabled?


Can I see the information in the clubhouse or just on Website?
There will be a noticeboard in the Hub for the Tennis club which will include information on upcoming events. You can also keep up to date on our facebook page and twitter feed. 


Is there a first aid box in the Hub?
Yes. This can be accessed by speaking to the Hub reception.  


Does the Club have a Child Protection Officer and Policy?


I'd like to raise an improvement or a challenge I'm having - who can I raise this with?
Please raise with any member of the Committee. We always welcome improvement suggestions and would like to discuss and challenges you may face


Queensferry Tennis Club is registered with the LTA. the governing body of tennis in the UK. The registration number is SC0469.

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